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The National Council of Nonprofits is a trusted resource and advocate for America’s charitable nonprofits.

Our supporters are allies who share our vision of a nation of sustainable, effective nonprofits that serve the public good by enriching communities and the lives of individuals.

Your support – whether it's an individual donation, a foundation grant, corporate sponsorship, or advertising – will help us continue our work to promote nonprofit capacity building, advance public policy, and improve public understanding of nonprofits.

Why Now?

America's nonprofits face pressing and growing threats. During these rapidly-changing, uncertain times, the National Council's work is focused on the chief threats to the survival of community-based nonprofits:

  • With state & local budgets under siege, it transfers pressure onto nonprofits;
  • There's a dangerous lack of public understanding about nonprofits; and
  • As nonprofits are called upon to do more, there is a greater need for investment in capacity building for individual nonprofits.

The Council of Nonprofits has long been at the forefront of identifying and articulating issues facing nonprofits at the national, state, and local levels. We work to educate the media, elected officials, and others about the extent of these issues and work toward identifying solutions. Through our national network, we are able to share information about strategies that are working in one community and can be replicated in others.

For example, the National Council of Nonprofits:

  • Responds forcefully to assist nonprofits in opposing attempts by state and local governments to take money away from nonprofit missions. By rapidly facilitating the exchange of information among nonprofits across state lines and galvanizing broader coalitions, the Council of Nonprofits helps nonprofits educate policymakers about how proposed legislation in numerous states would hurt nonprofits and the communities they serve.
  • Adopted a straightforward, principles-based, non-partisan Public Policy Agenda, that any nonprofit is free to adopt itself, or use to guide its own thinking about how to address federal, state, and local policy issues.
  • Coordinates policy work on behalf of nonprofits across state lines. As the Council of Nonprofits is currently the only organization that focuses on sector-wide issues at the state level across the country, our ability to coordinate national organizations with state or regional operations in collaboration with State Associations around the country, gives our network the unique ability to respond with alacrity to threats and opportunities around the country.
  • Is focusing, in collaboration with the Urban Institute’s Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy, on the special challenges raised when nonprofits partner with government. Much of our work since 2010 has focused on the broken government-nonprofit contracting practices and on highlighting solutions. Our Special Report that initially publicized the problems and our follow up work that advances solutions, has influenced nonprofits and governments to come together to identify and implement solutions in a growing number of states.

Reaching thousands of nonprofit leaders through our network of State Associations and their more than 25,000 member organizations, the National Council of Nonprofits is a trusted resource and advocate for charitable nonprofits. Government officials, philanthropic leaders, nonprofits, and the general public rely upon us for vital, up-to-date information about the sector. We leverage your support to help nonprofits achieve more impact in local communities and create an environment across our country where nonprofits can thrive.


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Corporate Ally | Charitable nonprofits provide important services that support communities and individuals in a myriad of ways: whether enriching our culture, educating our children, conserving water and green spaces, fighting for a cure, or human rights - Corporate Allies recognize the important work of the Council of Nonprofits with general operating or special project support.

Foundation Ally | The Council of Nonprofits is grateful to the private foundations that have invested in the Council of Nonprofits' work to support local community-based nonprofits through its network of State Associations of nonprofits. Information about the National Council's Foundation Allies.

Nonprofit Ally | Nonprofit Allies are nonprofit organizations that build the capacity of nonprofits and are located in a state where there is no State Association Member of the Council of Nonprofits. Nonprofit Allies are important members of the Council of Nonprofits' network who participate in the network's knowledge sharing and policy work, enabling them pass along trends and important information to the nonprofits they serve.

Nonprofit Affiliate Membership | Nonprofits that are located in states with a State Association Member of the  Council of Nonprofits are encouraged to join their State Association. By doing so, your nonprofit will automatically become an Affiliate Member of the National Council of Nonprofits and a small portion of dues to your State Association will support the Council of Nonprofits' work on behalf of the entire sector.