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Nonprofit leaders from across Washington have long acknowledged the need for a statewide nonprofit association that could provide a voice for the more than 50,000 nonprofits in our state. A state association would provide Washington’s nonprofit sector with better representation in state and federal policy decisions, improved access to programs and funds, and access to services and programs to build their capacity.

Washington Nonprofits' mission is to build a strong, collaborative network of nonprofits serving Washington communities through advocacy, education and capacity building.

Washington Nonprofits can only be successful at it work by collaborating with many organization and individuals in the nonprofit sector, in the busienss and public sectors and in our communities. Our Guidelines for Collaboration include a commitment to be:

  • Truly state-wide in our membership, leadership, governance, and programs
  • Transparent in our planning process and our resolution of differences
  • Trustworthy in our relationships with various stakeholders of the association


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