What Issues Do Nonprofit Leaders Face Today?

As a nonprofit leader, you want to understand the changing dynamics in the nonprofit sector. From demographics to economics, the shifts create opportunities and challenges for all nonprofit leaders. These issues confront new and  veteran leaders. With ever-growing needs for services provided by nonprofits and ever-tightening financial resources, effective leadership is needed now, more than ever before. Trends nonprofits face in 2014.

Where Can Nonprofit Leaders Find Support?

Whether you never expected to be a nonprofit leader, or have always planned to be one, joining your State Association of nonprofits is a great way to stay current with issues that affect the operations of your nonprofit and with professional development opportunities. Many State Associations of nonprofits offer leadership programs. Your State Association will keep you and your nonprofit connected to issues that impact your mission, your funding, and the policy environment in your state that enables your nonprofit to thrive. You'll meet other leaders and be inspired. Here are ten reasons to join your state association.

Important topics for nonprofit leaders:

Other Resources

There are many excellent publications on leadership. One of our favorites is The Leadership Challenge, by James Kouzes & Barry Posner. The Council of Nonprofits' online bookstore has a good number of titles on the subject of leadership.