State Policy Issues

This section reports on legislative, regulatory, judicial, and other policy matters that affect a broad range of 501 (c)(3) nonprofits at the state and local levels.


All State Issues 

  • Government: Contracts & Grants
    An increasing number of problems are being reported about governments withholding or significantly delaying contract payments and grants to nonprofit organizations that provide a range of services.
  • Taxes, Fees, and PILOTs  
    In attempting to balance their depleted budgets, many state and local governments have proposed taking money from nonprofits in different ways, including through new taxes on tax-exempt nonprofits, treating tax-exempt property as taxable, seeking new “payments in lieu of taxes” (PILOTs), or charging new fees. This section identifies these trends and shares information from across the country.
  • State Policy Resources
    This section serves as a clearinghouse for a wide array of resources and research regarding public policy matters at the state and local levels.