National Council Policy Initiatives

The National Council and our state nonprofit association network have been focusing special attention on the following “hot” public policy projects.

  • Government Withholding: Contracts & Grants
    The National Council of Nonprofits and the Urban Institute have initiated research into the problem of governments withholding payments they owe to nonprofits for services provided under contracts and grants, and analysis of potential solutions.
  • Health Care Reform
    Nonprofit organizations are engaged in the health care reform policy debate because it presents an opportunity to reduce the costs nonprofits pay as employers and to extend health care coverage to the individuals served by the nonprofit community.
  • Nonprofit Capacity Building
    Through the tax code, direct grants and contracts, the federal government relies on nonprofit organizations to provide a range of services to citizens and communities throughout the country. The National Council is working to secure adequate resources to strengthen the ability of nonprofits to become efficient, effective and innovative service providers.
  • Nonprofit-Government Partnership
    Governments and nonprofits serve the same constituents and the same communities, sometimes in tandem, so greater efforts should be made to enhance understanding and collaboration between these two natural partners.