Our Impact


The National Council of Nonprofits works through our network of State Associations, Nonprofit Allies, and State Policy Allies to protect and strengthen the capacity of charitable nonprofits so they can achieve their missions and serve their local communities.


State Association members gain access to an expansive array of resources, best practices, and technical assistance from their colleagues across the country. Being part of the State Association network, in turn, empowers their nonprofit members to advance their own missions more effectively and efficiently, and promote policies that benefit the work of all charitable nonprofits in their state.

A Trusted Resource

The span of our network – from coast-to-coast and border-to-border – enables the National Council of Nonprofits to learn about developments directly from local charitable nonprofits in the field. With daily access to information through the State Association network, we identify and track regional and national trends by aggregating information and supplementing it from multiple other sources. We then circulate that information so fresh insights can be accessed easily by local nonprofit staff members, board members, and donors, as well as journalists and policymakers at the local, state, and federal levels. Whether through our e-newsletters, website, national webinars and conference calls, or Special Reports that identify emerging trends and promote solutions, those seeking timely, reliable, nonpartisan information turn to us for informed insights.

A Trusted Advocate

By tracking regional and national trends, the National Council of Nonprofits identifies how policies and practices at all levels of government – local, state, and federal – are increasing demands on community based nonprofits and reducing the resources that those organizations need to meet their missions. We are known for the unique tools we produce that inform charitable nonprofit staff

and board members, as well as policymakers, about public policy challenges and opportunities. When necessary, we mobilize our network to resist efforts by states and localities seeking to take funds away from nonprofit missions through new taxes, fees, and demands for payments in lieu of taxes. We work to protect nonprofit independence from unwarranted government intrusion, while also promoting ways for governments and nonprofits to collaborate to solve community challenges. In all our work, we strive to inform policymakers, journalists, the public, and indeed other nonprofits about the vital role that charitable nonprofits play in benefiting the communities they serve.

A Powerful Connector

The National Council of Nonprofits connects our State Association members and charitable nonprofits across the country with the latest resources and trends to strengthen their nonprofit governance and accountability, finances, fundraising, and communications. We do this by hosting national webinars with recognized experts, publishing two respected e-newsletters, sharing coordinated messages, posting timely resources for the public on our website and additional information for the State Associations in a members-only section, coordinating affinity group calls, and convening an annual Member Meeting.

Fast Facts

Our Network

Charitable nonprofits in our network: More than 25,000

State Association and Nonprofit Ally Members in 45 states and the District of Columbia

Combined budgets of the State Associations: More than $42 million

Total State Association employees: More than 300

Total State Association board members: More than 500

Subscribers to our State Associations’ newsletters and action alerts: More than 152,000

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