Nonprofit Allies

What are Nonprofit Ally Members of the National Council of Nonprofits?

Nonprofit Allies are nonprofit capacity builders that also play an advocacy role, educating charitable nonprofits in a state about policy issues that affect charitable nonprofits.

Nonprofit Allies are invited to become members of the National Council of Nonprofits only in states where there is not an existing State Association Member of the Council of Nonprofits. Nonprofit Allies become affiliated as members of the Council of Nonprofits upon acceptance of their membership application and payment of annual dues. For more information, please contact Jennifer Chandler.

Benefits of Nonprofit Ally Membership

  • Participate in monthly Policy Forum calls with staff of the Council of Nonprofits and peer organizations around the country;
  • Receive special Nonprofit Ally eblast alerts from the Council of Nonprofits about policy issues, helpful resources, information and cost saving discounts to share with the nonprofits in your state;
  • Invite your staff to participate in free educational webinars hosted by the National Council of Nonprofits. Some webinars on topics relevant to all charitable nonprofits are free and open to a national audience, so when your organization promotes the program it is taking a leadership role in connecting nonprofits in your state with national thought-leadership;
  • As available, Council of Nonprofits staff may present keynotes and/or conduct educational workshops at your annual conferences (actual travel costs and a reduced-rate honorarium are requested to defray the Council of Nonprofits’ expenses).
  • Nonprofit Allies are listed on the Council of Nonprofits' website with a link to their home pages.
  • Attend regional convenings of the National Council of Nonprofits - engage with and learn from your peers around the state association network. (You pay registration fee and travel costs.)


Nonprofit Ally annual dues in 2015 are $7 per dues-paying member of the Ally organization (except students). The minimum annual dues for 2015 is $1,500.

View the roster of current Nonprofit Allies. For more details please contact Jennifer Chandler, Vice President and Director of Network Support & Knowledge Sharing, at (202) 962-0322.