How to Start a Nonprofit | Step 4: Federal Filings

Here is an excellent overview of the process of applying for tax exemption from the IRS brought to you by Law For Change: Applying for Tax-Exemption

The IRS also offers its own booklet: Applying for 501c)(3) Status: Publication 4220 and an online tutorial.

Here are links to the forms you need to file with the IRS in order to apply for tax-exemption with the IRS:

Please note: The IRS now requires the individual who files the application for tax exemption (if he or she is not an attorney or CPA) to register with the IRS. Read more about this important change on Law For Change's blog.

Also, be aware that filing tax returns may be required for nonproft corporate entities that have been created as nonprofit organizations in a state, although they are not yet recognized as tax-exempt public charities by the IRS. If an organization in that situation has income, the income should be reported. We encourage you to check with tax preparation professionals for advice.