Capacity Building

The National Council of Nonprofits’ Capacity Building Hub provides guidance to help nonprofits, grantmakers, policy makers, and others understand how nonprofit capacity building enables nonprofits to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations, thus helping nonprofits realize – and sustain – their missions.

The Council of Nonprofits’ Capacity Building Hub is designed to answer four core questions about nonprofit capacity building:

What is nonprofit capacity building and why is it needed?

This section explains why nonprofit capacity building is critical now, describes what nonprofit capacity building can accomplish, and offers suggestions for nonprofits in search of good sources for capacity building training. This section also provides suggestions for additional resources and specific tools that can be used for capacity building in your nonprofit.

What are examples of effective capacity building efforts?

This section describes specific capacity building projects and offers links to case studies in capacity building. Examples of effective capacity building also include capacity building for advocacy and capacity building for planning.

How can we evaluate capacity building efforts?

This section suggests ways to evaluate capacity building, supplies links to reports with evaluation models, and offers specific tools nonprofits can use to evaluate the impact of a capacity building project and tell the story of the difference capacity building makes.

Who funds capacity building?

This section describes resources to help nonprofits identify sources of capacity building funding. We've also created a special section of resources just for funders.

Also visit the section on Capacity Building in the Council of Nonprofits' online bookstore.